British Militaria

When it comes to collecting British militaria, there is a rich and diverse history to explore, spanning several centuries and countless conflicts.

We have a range of British militaria ranging from edged weapons, firearms, helmets, uniforms and badges. Explore more below.

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Collecting British Militaria

British military history spans many centuries and includes numerous conflicts and campaigns. Collecting British militaria can allow individuals to connect with this rich history and gain a deeper understanding of past events.

From the Tudor era to the present day, British soldiers have been involved in some of the most significant military campaigns in world history, and the artefacts they left behind can offer a glimpse into the past.

For some collectors, collecting British militaria may be a way to celebrate their national identity and pay homage to the bravery and sacrifice of British soldiers.

Some collectors may have a personal connection to the British military, such as having served in the armed forces themselves or having family members who have served.

Collecting British militaria can also be a way to honour these connections and keep the memories alive.


Popular British Militaria

The most popular British militaria includes uniforms, equipment, and insignia that are often highly distinctive and visually striking.

Some collectors may be drawn to the aesthetic appeal of these items and enjoy displaying them in their collections.


Medals and Decorations:

British soldiers have been awarded numerous medals and decorations for their service, including the Victoria Cross, the highest award for bravery in the face of the enemy.

Explore our range of medals and decorations.


Uniforms and Equipment:

From the bright red coats of the British Army during the 18th century to the khaki uniforms of the modern era, British military uniforms have undergone many changes over the years.

Take a look at the range of uniforms.


Edged weapons and firearms:

Edged weapons and firearms have a long and storied history, with numerous examples from various eras and conflicts. Here are some notable examples:


Swords: British swords have been used by soldiers for centuries, and many have become iconic symbols of military power


Bayonets: Bayonets are edged weapons designed to be attached to the end of a rifle, turning it into a spear-like weapon


Pistols and Revolvers: British pistols and revolvers have also been used in numerous conflicts


Rifles: The British Lee-Enfield rifle has a rich history, having been used by British troops in both World Wars and other conflicts


Who Manufactures British militaria:

The manufacture of British militaria has a long history, with numerous manufacturers producing a variety of items for the military over the centuries.

Here are some notable British manufacturers of militaria:


Wilkinson Sword:

Founded in 1772, Wilkinson Sword is one of the oldest and most well-known manufacturers of swords in the world. The company has produced swords for British military officers, as well as for other military units around the world.


Holland & Holland:

Holland & Holland is a British firearms manufacturer founded in 1835. The company has produced firearms for the British military, including rifles and shotguns.


Royal Ordnance Factory:

The Royal Ordnance Factory was a group of factories operated by the British government during World War II. The factories produced a variety of military items, including rifles, ammunition, and artillery.


W. Dowler & Sons:

W. Dowler & Sons is a British manufacturer of military and ceremonial uniforms, founded in 1780. The company has produced uniforms for the British Army, as well as for other organizations around the world.


Thomas Fattorini Ltd:

Thomas Fattorini Ltd. is a British manufacturer of medals and awards, founded in 1827. The company has produced medals and awards for the British military, as well as for other organisations and events.


Birmingham Small Arms Company:

The Birmingham Small Arms Company, or BSA, was a British firearms manufacturer founded in 1861. The company produced a variety of firearms for the British military, including rifles and machine guns.

These are just a few examples of the many British manufacturers of militaria over the centuries. Other notable manufacturers include R.G. Harris & Co., J.R. Gaunt & Son, and Toye, Kenning & Spencer.


As with any type of collecting, it's important to do your research and understand the history and context of the items you're collecting.

When collecting military edged weapons and firearms from British origin, it's important to be aware of any laws and regulations regarding the ownership and sale of such items.


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