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1. Why us?

We connect militaria buyers with many trusted sellers – all on one easy to use website.

Benefits when selling on Collexechange:

  • Increase your market reach and find buyers to grow your online sales.
  • Dedicated expert marketing will attract buyers on your behalf.
  • FREE registration and FREE unlimited listings.
  • Flexible selling options - choose 'auction' or 'buy it now'.
  • Upload video to help describe your militaria.
  • Seller anonymity until sale is completed.
  • One simple auction website will save everyone time and money.


Benefits when buying on Collexechange:

  • Affordable buying with 0% commission.
  • One easy to use website for sourcing militaria from many trusted sellers.
  • Peace of mind with 30-day purchase protection.
  • A professional, trusted service and customer support.
  • Additional features such as ‘Wanted’ items
  • One simple auction website will save everyone time and money.


2. Why do I need to register?

Joining our community is FREE.

Your simple registration enables:

  • esssential verification when buying or selling certain age-restricted militaria
  • contact between buyer and seller to arrange delivery 
  • faster checkout
  • access to view your orders and sales
  • access extra features - source wanted items and share your expertise using our forum

3. How do I register?

Create your FREE account - follow the steps below or download this guide.

Click the ‘register’ button at the top right-hand corner of the screen

Complete all your details on the registration form.
Those marked * are mandatory.


Create your login details - add your email and create a password.
















Click the ‘create an account' button.

You will see this confirmation screen and receive a ‘welcome email’.

You’re ready to go!

Now you're logged in, you will see your name at the top of the page. 
Access your account dashboard via login or the ‘my account’ icon (circled below).

Your ‘My Account’ dashboard.

To list militaria for sale, go to ‘Add New Item’ .
You can view all your listings (My items list), your sales (My Sales History)
and own your purchases (My Purchases).


More 'how to' guides when selling on Collexchange:

Listing an Item for Sale

Connect to Stripe

Important - as per our terms, we do not permit the sale of militaria where any licence, consent, certificate, registration and/or permit is lawfully required to buy or sell such items. Firearms for sale on this website must be deactivated or antique.

4. Fees when buying and selling

We attract buyers with 0% commission


When Buying When Selling

0% commission fees

FREE registration

FREE lifetime membership

NO additional service or payment fees

0% commission on first item sold*

FREE registration

FREE unlimited listings

FREE lifetime membership

*commission fee is 15% + vat thereafter


Welcome offer:  We won't charge any commission on your first item sold.

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