COLLEXCHANGE SIMPLIFIES helping buyers and sellers trade on one, dedicated website

How we started and why

There are thousands of militaria collectors - and many are knowledgeable history buffs.

There are hundreds of militaria dealers - but buying and selling has never been easy.

How do buyers currently source militaria?


who charge high commission rates to both buyers and sellers.

Dealer websites

requires hundreds of hours online and multiple accounts to manage.

Militaria fairs and antiques shops

physical events and shops to visit

We speak from years of personal experience of frustration, disappointment and time wasted finding relevant quality militaria collectables. We can change this with a new solution.

We decided to develop a service dedicated to affordably sourcing quality militaria from multiple trusted sellers – where:

  • We never ask buyers to pay any additional charges
  • We offer free membership and unlimited militaria listings
  • We provide flexible selling options (auction or buy now)
  • We deliver expert marketing to attract worldwide buyers to sellers
  • We enable buyers and sellers to trade on one, easy to use militaria website

In 2022, Collexchange was launched -
a platform that will simplify and centralise the buying and selling experience for militaria enthusiasts – bringing collectors and dealers together on one auction website.


We are dedicated to facilitating a quality, trusted militaria service - keeping our community safe, secure and satisfied.

We expect buyers and sellers to honour their responsibilities when using our website - as set out in our terms

This includes everyone's obligations related to restricted militaria, member integrity, transparency, and product authenticity.

We reserve the right to order a seller to remove Items from the website for any reason or to provide evidence of compliance with our Collexchange terms.

We provide robust terms to ensure a professional service for everyone.

Collexchange do not support the beliefs or actions of the Nazi party, Third Reich or any other right wing or fascist organisation, past or present.

The driving force behind Collexchange

Keir McDonald is a successful business owner who lives by strong values and beliefs. Keir was honoured with an MBE for Services to Children in 2012 for his work and achievement in safeguarding.

Keir has combined a busy and successful career with a lifelong passion for collecting quality militaria. With Keir’s particular interest in 18th and 19th century Scottish militaria, he believes collecting militaria is a rewarding experience because of the fascinating history that can be explored and the connection in owning a genuine piece of history.

With Keir’s personal experience as a buyer and seller – he has spent endless hours trawling dealer websites and auction catalogues – and endured the escalating commission charged by auction houses. Keir knows that a new, easy-to-use online auction website offering buyers and sellers a simple solution for trading will save both time and money.

He trusts Collexchange will provide today’s militaria community with a much needed new, simple professional service to buy and sell militaria.

Keir is the passion and moral compass behind Collexchange and lives by his mantra to ‘keep it simple’

“To rapidly build the website I encourage dealers and private sellers to use the new system. Listing is easy and free of charge – together, we can help sellers sell more, and provide buyers a 'one stop shop' for high quality military collectables.”

Keir McDonald, MBE.

Kate Atwell is an experienced director in sales, marketing and business operations. Over the last 5+ years, Kate has overseen the successful year-on-year growth of an online business employing 45+ staff, delivering duty of care e-learning to over 6 million learners, resulting in its successful acquisition in 2019.

Kate heads up Collexchange, is responsible for all day-to-day operations, the continuous development of the service and customer support for our militaria community. Kate directs our partners to deliver in all areas of marketing running dedicated online campaigns to reach our worldwide militaria community – connecting buyers with sellers through one platform.

As we build our community of militaria enthusiasts and dealers, we are keen to hear your feedback.

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